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Thread: first time squatting equipped

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    first time squatting equipped

    i finally got to train with my titan centurion sz42 today. i weighed 208lb this morning and this size is considered my meet fit (semi-tight). suit went on very easy, including the straps. i went off a box that is approx. 1-2" above parallel. first set was 335lb. at the very bottom right before i hit the box, i start to loose my "tightness". i break loose and wobble but managed to get it up. it got easier as i went up to 435. after my top set, i decide to do 315lb free weight with straps on. i take a deep breath and work my way down...shaking shaking shaking all the way down. looked like i was having a damn seizure! what makes it more challenging is holding my breath in. with the suit and belt, it makes holding my breath in very difficult like the gear forces me to exhale.

    my questions are:
    1) is this "shakey" syndrome normal for a first time squat suit user?
    2) what are some tips on holding in the breath without the feeling of passing out?
    3) I tend to have a problem leaning forward (I'm semi-wide stance), how do i fix this?

    any other squat suit tips appreciated

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    Get some video.

    If the bar is whippy it will exaggerate the shake.

    Holding your breath - takes practice and patience

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    bump up your ab and core work. Usually that has alot to do with the shake

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    Holding your air under heavy weight with the straps up sucks. That is my biggest problem with squatting heavy in poly suits. I usually feel like I'm gonna pass out before I get to depth. I feel better in briefs only or canvas.

    I notice some people shake a lot more than others. That is one problem I have never had. I guess make sure you push your abs hard into your belt and that your upper back is freaking tight!

    How bad is your lean? With a low bar position you will need to lean to make depth. If your chest is parallel with the floor you probably are in trouble, lol.
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    ill get a vid on next weeks session. what kind of core/ab work are suggested?
    my lean may look like a GM on the way up.

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    throw in heavy decline situps and beltless work
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    Being as it is your first time another reason that may cause the shake is the fact that you are fighting the suit on the way down. Make sure you are pushing your hips back and knees out hard the entire time.

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