Fisrt off I did search and after reading some I purchased one of those wrist supports not sure if thats the correct name.


about three weeks ago while doing chest workout using dumbbells I felt a pain in my wrist.
If you are looking at your right wrist palms facing down it is on the right side It is in the area by where that bone sticks out some at least it does on my wrists.
I did take a week off since i had to travel back to east coast for a wedding but once i returned i hit the gym again and it is now hurting after my heavy workout this morning (im on UD2 so i only lift heavy once a week)
I am starting to lift heavier then in the past and i am thinking maybe i am not holding the weights correctly.
So i was wondering if there is a website that will show you exactly how to grip the weights for different exercises?
So if anyone has any advice I would apprecieate.