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Thread: tricep dips question

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    tricep dips question

    are tricep dips and bench dips the same exercise?

    and which way is the correct way of doing them, with a bench/chair under ur feet or with ur feet on the floor? (with the weights on ur lap)

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    Well theres dips which are done by holding ur body in the air on two parrallel bars (or rings) with your arms locked out, and then lowering yourself until your elbows are about parrallel or below, and then pressing yourself back up to a locked out position. And then theres bench dips which are basically the same thing except your hands are on a bench and your feet are on a chair. Personally I think regular dips is the better exercise.
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    Do them from parallel bars (or two chairs, or a washer and dryer, whatever)

    If you can't do that, do them with your feet up.

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    Bar dips are a bit better, they'll hit your chest, as well. I think the others are called 'prison dips' (?) and hit the tris and shoulders some what. The problem with the prison dips is that eventually, you won't be able to hold enough weight on your lap. With bar dips, you can get a dipping belt (has a chain on it for holding weight plates) and add weight that way.
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    I like bench dips more personally, they the target the inner tricep the most, but also works the whole and tricep, it also hits the sides of the chest by the front delt, but i can add 4 plates on my lap and rep them out, i could not put 4 plates on a dip belt and rep them out, plus regular dips hurt my shoulders a lot more just my two cents!
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    i prefer dip bar doing it with chest forward to hit chest, but if i want tricep iso i do bench dips. if i wana hit both i do upright dips on dip bar. i comes down do what you are looking to hit, usually.
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