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    Question for westsiders

    I found this while looking around.

    Seems pretty basic and would work for me. Is there anything you guys would change that was proposed in this routine?

    They also say "Max effort work must fall within 3-5 lifts at or above 90% of that day." What does this mean? I must have 3 sets at or above 90%? For max effort I always thought one just works up to a 1-5 rep max.

    My next question is, what are some good cycles that I can do for my max effort movements?

    For bench I was thinking
    1) Flat
    2) Incline
    3) 2 board

    And for lower
    1) Squat
    2) Rackpulls
    3) Deadlift

    Or something along these lines. I am new to this so any input would be grand!

    EDIT: Also, what are the rep ranged you guys use for all the accessory triceps and movements such as triceps and hams. In the article it says to have one intense day and one low intense day. Same goes for hams, back... should I keep the reps high or low?
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