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Thread: Dumbell Bench vs Barbell Bench

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    Dumbell Bench vs Barbell Bench

    I've been doing barbell bench for a while now and I'm at the point where I can rep my weight. I never really did much dumbell bench until the other day and it felt like it hits alot of the stablilizer muscles. I really don't have much an idea of the difference. Is one better than the other? Thanks
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    What's a tone muscle?

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    I think what I was trying to refer to was stablilizer muscles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SDS View Post
    What's a tone muscle?

    Stabiliser muscles??

    Edit: Doing the post the same time as above post
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    I love the DB press. I used to do it all the time, because I did not have a place to BB bench. I found a bench and made the switch a couple months ago, and I'm constantly thinking of going back to the DB, because it felt so much better. The burn I got was better, and I seemed to be making better progress. Even Rippetoe hints that the DB press is more effective for everything besides a powerlifting meet.

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    i like the DB BP but our school only goes upto 100lbs DBs so I moved to the BB BP since I can add more weight. For overall strength I would say DB is way better since you actually involve alot more muscles though I say this coming from a MMA background, so stablizing muscles are hot **** for me. I alternate nowadays, just depends on what I am focusing on.
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    Well, you guys have to think about it this way. In terms of potential, you will have more weight on top of you benching with a BB. That alone requires a lot of strength, strength a person who uses DBs might not have.

    Really, doing both is the best way to assure yourself of a stronger bench.

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    On chest day, I do both - flat BB, low incline DB.
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