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Thread: Estimate bf%

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    Estimate bf%

    This is about a little over a week since I got done with track, then took a week off in florida. Basically its the first week I've done with good diet and some new supps. First week I've been able to lift since probably beginning of may.

    My goal is to be around 8% eventually. I'd just like to see how far I have to go. Right now I'm 6'0 and 167-171 range.

    BTW, I don't need comments about "add more muscle!" because I know I'm skinny, and that's alright. Too much muscle can be a detriment to me because I'm a pretty serious track athlete, jumper in particular, so I just need to stay lean as possible, get as strong and powerful for my weight as possible, and whatever happens with muscle happens.




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    6'0" 180
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    Big 3: Squat= 320
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    I'm not the best at estimating bfs, but I'd say you're right around 10%....good place to be at.
    Age: 20
    Height: 5-9
    Weight:~160 @ 13-15 bf%?....starting figure after nearly a year of battling CFS/ not too bad imo.
    Max Lifts:
    Don't know anymore..don't care atm.

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    11% would be my guess

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    10% ish. Now bulk boy!

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    10% or below. Whats your 100m time?
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    ATF squat- 275 RAW
    Deadlift- 415
    Bench- Two 100lbs DB's four times
    190lbs 15% BF (Estimate)

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