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Thread: Dips, Chins, deadlifts, and squats...

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    Dips, Chins, deadlifts, and squats...

    Ok... so I already do squats, but I want to modify my routine and incorperate dips, chins, and deadlifts. I can do deadlifts OK, but I'm pretty weak on dips and chins. I'm currently using a "GymAmerica" routine, which I'm leaving to keep my own routine.

    Below is my current routine. I'm looking to cut down on my volume a bit and incorperate Dips, Chins, and deadlifts (and keep my squats). I would appriciate advices on what excersizes to drop and replace with the dips, chins, deads. Also, any advice on where to drop volume, would be greatly appriciated.


    My Split

    Monday = Chest, Back, Lower Back, Abs
    Tuesday = Cardio
    Wednesday = Shoulders, traps, triceps, abs
    Thursday = Cardio
    Friday = Legs, Biceps, forearms, abs
    Saturday = cardio
    Sunday = rest

    Note... I have about 17% body fat to loose (to get to 10%). That's why I have 3 days of cardio.

    Example routine:
    Bench Press 4 sets x 8 reps
    Flat bench flys: 3 x 11
    PecDec Flys: 2 x 11
    Seated Cable rows: 4 x 8
    Wide grip pull downs: 3 x 11
    cross bench pull overs: 2 x 10
    Low back extensions: 2 x 10

    Seated BB press 3 x 8
    cross cable raises 3 x 14
    BB upright rows 2 x 8
    DB shrugs: 2 x 10
    One arm DB extension 3 x 8
    DB kickbacks 3 x 14

    Squats 4 x 10
    Hack squats 3x 10
    Leg curls 2 x 12
    Leg extensions 2 x 12
    Calf raises 3 x 10
    BB Peacher curls 3 x 8
    Seated Hammer curls 3 x 11
    Barbell rist curls 1 x 10

    Hanging leg lifts 1 x 10
    Hanging knee tucks 1 x 20
    Crunches on the ball 3 x 30

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    you don't gotta work abs that much. Drop the db kickbacks and put dips in their place. Dips are a better exercise. Reps are way to high on most exercises. Keep in the 6-10 range, even for abs. Do weighted leg lifts, etc. if you want to keep the reps low on those too. put deadlifts on the back day. Go 10 8 6 for sets. Chins, put those on back day too.
    on back+bi day I go:

    chins 10 8
    deads 10 8 6
    db rows 8 6
    for the back portion anyway

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    So, should I incorperate chest dips on chest/back day and tricep dips on Shoulder/Traps/Tri's day? Or is that too much "dipping"?



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