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Thread: Multiple Injuries - TENDONIDIS

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    Multiple Injuries - TENDONIDIS

    Hi all,

    I have accumulated multiple injuries from minor things which never seem to heal or go away. After many tests, physio, all of them have come down to tendonidis. I have a shoulder injury from 2.5 yrs ago, leg injury from 2 yrs ago and finger injury from 6 mths ago.

    None of them seem to go away, the test all state tendonodis. I'm told that tendonidis only lasts for 1 yr and should go away...not for me though.

    I was told the only way to fix this after a yr is cordisone. Does cordisone actually repair the issue or does it "blanket' the issue with pain relief so I don't feel it? What else fixes tendonidis injuries?


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    Cortisone is just an anti-inflammatory I think......maybe a pain-killer/anti-inflammatory, not real sure. I've got arthritis/tendinitis in my shoulder, and the only thing that works for me is time off, and some ultrasound therapy, E-stim therapy, and massage therapy. 1-2 weeks of that and I'm good to go.

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