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Thread: First shot @ oly lifting routine / advice?

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    Olympic Lifting Routine ... Advice?

    Long post, sorry, trying to give as much detail as necessary.

    Starting on Wednesday. Going to do this for 6 months, then switch to more of a powerlifting split with maintenance work on olympic lifting. Been doing a strength-based version of CrossFit for awhile.. Never really focused on Oly Lifts before.

    I'm 6'4, ~212, 8%. I'm going to bulk as best I can, but at the end of 6 months I would expect 220-225 lbs max.

    ---Get my clean/jerk/snatch maxes/total as high as possible.
    --Hammer weak points and build a good base for bench/squat/deadlift. I've done too much maxing and not enough lighter work. CNS is tapped out but muscles/"strength" needs to catch up. And I haven't done enough real rep work for my weak points, so I didn't really conjugate things.
    --Conjugate things.
    --Maintain conditioning or come relatively close.
    --Oh and avoid injury -- my shoulders always get messed up. And they're my biggest weak point. So confused on wtf to do.

    Beginning #'s
    Clean max - est. 290 (hit 275 awhile ago, but haven't done full ROM cleans in awhile)
    Jerk max - 215-220 (WEAK POINT)
    Snatch max - hit 180 power snatch awhile ago, haven't ever done a full squat snatch

    Front Squat - 195x10 (WEAK POINT)
    Hang Power Clean - 225 x 7
    Overhead Squat - 215x4 if I retrained it for a couple weeks
    Overhead Press - 155 x 1 (WEAK POINT)

    Squat/Bench/Deadlift = 350/300/485
    1 Mile Run - 5:30ish (I can do a lot of other cardio stuff better than this, but that's with weights... See: CrossFit)

    Other serious weaknesses:
    Glute-Ham raises/hamstrings. Handstand push-ups/Overhead pressing.
    I can't quite do any on either of these. If I bring these two things up I think my powerlifts will benefit a lot. Oh and I'd like to bring up my upper chest. It's disproportionately small.
    Form on the Oly Lifts is a big weakness as well.
    Getting under the bar. I pretty much only do power versions of everything right now, although I have drilled full version with light weight quite a lot.

    As you can tell from my lifts, I'm not using anabolics.

    Ok, here is my unofficial plan.

    Monday - HEAVY BENCH
    Lower Body Plyos
    5x5ish Bench
    Punch Press

    Tuesday - HEAVY CLEANS
    8x3 / 3x3 / 5x1 / 1rm Cleans
    Hang Snatch
    Glute Ham Raises

    Wednesday - Conditioning/CrossFit/GPP

    DE Snatch - 8x1 @ 70% AND 1-set @ 75% x AMAP (no failure)
    Hang Clean
    Handstand push-ups (HSPU's)

    Friday - Rest

    Saturday - HEAVY SQUAT
    Upper Body Plyos
    5x5ish Squat
    Overhead Squats (OHS)

    Sunday - DE CLEAN & JERK
    DE Clean & Jerk @ 70%
    2x8 Hang Power Clean
    Romanian Deadlifts (both snatch grip & clean grip)

    Monday - REST

    Tuesday - HEAVY SNATCHES
    8x3 / 3x3 / 5x1 / 1rm Snatches
    Front Squats

    Wednesday - CONDITIONING

    Thursday - HEAVY JERKS
    8x3 / 3x3 / 5x1 / 1rm Jerks
    2x8 Hang Power Snatch
    2x8 Punch Press

    Friday - REST

    Saturday - HEAVY DEADLIFTS
    5x5 Deadlifts(ish)
    Glute-Ham Raises

    Sunday - REST

    Jump Rope - 5min
    Dynamic Stretches - 5min
    Ab Work / Oblique Work / Lower Back Work (alternate each workout) - 5min
    Neck work twice a week - 3min (superset with the core stuff)

    Jump Rope - 5min
    Static Stretching - 10min
    Conditioning days are serious, and will not be just running.
    If I don't mention the sets/reps, it's ~3-4 sets and ~4-7 reps.
    Except for the bodyweight stuff. That's just AMAP for 2-3 sets, no failure.
    I wanted to add in a few more sets of front squats, but I guess I'll be doing them when I do Hang Cleans and Hang snatches, since I'm going to really focus on learning to drop...

    My theory here is sort of to conjugate stuff, but keep an emphasis on Oly Lifting and weak points. Then, when I'm done with this, conjugate stuff, but emphasize powerlifting and weak points. Then maybe strongman. Then maybe strength-speed, speed-strength and speed. Then maybe conditioning/endurance... etc. Goal is to be solid all the way around.
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