Im the kind of person who hates to lose muscle, since I dont have as much as I would like in the first place. I am going on a college visit, and will be gone for the next 3 days, most of the time I will spend driving.

I doubt i will be able to get 4000 calories per day, that is what i usually get. I bought 100 protien bars yesterday, and I am taking tuna with me, apples, wheat bread. I will try to get atlest 250g protien, 300g carbs and 120g of fat. Alot of fat because peanuts are convienant to eat while driving.

WIll I lose alot of muscle on this diet over the next three days. I didint want to go visit these colleges for this reason, but my parents made me. The good thing is my mom will be doing most of the driving, so i will get plenty of rest. Assuming I get 30g protien every 3 hrs with the above diet, should I lose a considerable amount of muscle? I will be taking all my vitamins with me, i weigh 189 now, do you think I will drop below 185?