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Thread: Tore muscle on lateral raise?

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    Tore muscle on lateral raise?

    A few weeks ago i started doing lateral raises and probably my third day doing them i felt a sharp pain in my left lateral deltoid. for about 3 weeks i couldnt do any shoulder excercises. I started doing military presses(seated/standing)without pain, but I'm pretty sure the pain will come back if i start doing lateral raises again. So what do you think is wrong with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike42506 View Post
    So what do you think is wrong with it?
    I might be going out on a limb here, but it sounds like you tore a muscle in your shoulder.

    Seriously, just go to a doctor. If they tell you you are fine, yet you still feel pain, or potential for pain, seek better help. I hurt my shoulder 3 years ago and I figured "It'll get better" hasnt, and now I am out from under my parents insurance, and I dont have insurance yet so I havent had it checked...but regret it every day that I didnt get it checked when I did have coverage.

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    Muscle-belly injuries do not heal in the absence of stress. It hurts more this way, but if it's anything less than a third degree strain then start doing lateral raises again, building the weight up gradually.

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