Went to another one of Rodney's meets today and it was a great time. My plan was to get a PR squat, some good work in the shirt, and see how my dl felt. Well, my plan apparently didn't matter, haha. And to top it off, I weighed in at 277.2 so I was in the 308's.

Squat - felt good in warmups but had bar positioning issues.
875 - miss, bar too high, got out of groove
875 - good
900 - miss

Bench - opened raw to make sure I got one in
365 - good
580 - miss, rolled off my wrist
580 - touched! and then I got stalled at lockout. This was a huge improvement over last week though - got some great ideas from people on shirt work.

Deadlift - my back was toast at this point!
635 - felt like a ton, but good
665 - miss at the knees
665 sumo - miss, but got some feedback that maybe I'm built to pul sumo. Since I'm out of strongman for the time being, I may try this. My pull has gone down steadily since I took out the strongman work. i think the lack of back endurance has something to do with it.

Overall, I learned some lessons. One being that you can't mess around with your training the last 2 weeks leading up when using gear. I need my tech dialed in a little more. The other is that I should not drive 4.5 hours in the morning of to lift.. Huge thanks to Sean who had a great day that I'll let him tell you about. Also, thanks to Matt Reynolds, Will (Derek's training partner), and Binford for spotting and helping with my bench efforts.

Great big thanks goes to At Large Nutrition, APT Pro Gear, and Synergy Health and Wellness because without them this meet wouldn't have been possible.