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Thread: painful injury need advice

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    painful injury need advice

    I have been doing deadlifts and i've been going up in weight very fast. today I did 2 out of 3 sets and I noticed I couldnt hold the bar anymore with my left hand so I stopped half way in between second set. i waited about 5 minutes to see if i could finish the third set all the way but then I couldnt even lift it in the slightest bit with my left hand and it was very painful when i gripped it hard like i need to.

    its been about 45 minutes and now I cant even clench my fist. any advice? this is really bad because no i cant do any weight training at all unless i have duck tape or something, which i dont want to have to resort to.

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    Can't be sure, but it sounds like you might have sprained your hand(?). If you're using a mixed grip on your deads and that hand is the underhand grip, that might be causing the issue. You're going to have to either use straps or stop, but you will need to take it easy for a while. How about taking a week off completely? You might find that you come back stronger.
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