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    new lifter

    hi ive been training about 2 weeks now,only workout i dont do i bench press at the gym because people on it can lift heavy and im only lifiting 30kg if am ona good day nd kinda emmbarresed to go on it people thinking am weak and stuff

    am i just beein stupid?

    any tips or advice?
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    Stop worrying about what other people think for a start!!

    Everyone has to begin somewhere.

    The bar is about 20kgs too so you are up to 50kgs get to it!!!
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    Every freak you see at the gym with huge arms and chests started with low weights like you at somepoint.

    Don't be silly.

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    It's not where you start, it's where you finish.

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    Ignore them, even cop a 'tude if you have to with them. Just keep plugging along at it and you'll get bigger and stronger.
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    you can either worry about what they think temporarily for about 2 years until you get some good size on you or you can never work out because of image issues and feel self concious for the rest of your life . your choice.
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