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    Annihilating plateaus...

    Can you please make a list of ways to avoid plateaus? Plateaus that prevents us from adding poundage to our lifts. They're despicable!

    Louie Simmons have suggested switching ME exercises every week. It has worked quite well for me. He also stated that the conjugate method prevents you from reaching a plateau. HOWEVER! one of his friends who trains at westside by the name of Matt Dimell has once reached a plateau in his squat. That is shocking if you think about it because Louie's methods are all about progressing and progressing and progressing....... Matt has fortunately broken through his plateau by doing a special exercise that he called "dimel deadlifts."

    Aside from switching your exercises, doing speed work, adding bands/chains, doing extra RE and all sorts of stuff, what other things that can avoid you from reaching a plateau??? Things that can bring up a 1050 pound bench press (Ryan Kennelly!!) into 1500! lol. Are there still ways out there that are still unseen by Louie? Or are they all discovered? I wanna know...
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