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Thread: The Journey to be the best!!

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    The Journey to be the best!!

    Hi everybody! My name is Brian. 16 years old, 5'6, 200 pounds...

    I'm on my journey to become the greatest athlete in the world. I'll start by being the strongest pound for pound weightlifter... lol. The odds are stacked against me. But it's not about the goal that matters, it's about savoring the journey...

    Here are my current stats (all raw. I don't even know where I can buy some gear!): (Pounds x Repetition/s)

    Conventional Deadlift 385 x 1
    Front squat 280 x 1
    Wide stance squat 350 x 1
    Bench press 245 x 1

    I've taken 5 weeks of no training. My strength have probably disappeared already... My next step into my high school weight room will be at July 7.

    During my 5 weeks of no training, I was forced to invent all sorts of exercises in an attempt to atleast maintain my strength. I have successfully added more mass to my quads by doing one legged bodyweight squats while holding a few light weights from my 100 pound barbell. I also did some one arm military presses using 60 pounds. For my upper back, I did one arm barbell rows.
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