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Thread: what do bench shirts do?

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    what do bench shirts do?

    i heard many rumors and know people the have used bench press shirts...
    they said they worked really good but i dont exactly know what they do.

    does anyone know from experience know what they do ?


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    You might get a better explanation in the PL/OLY forum.

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    Imagine a shirt thats tightly stiched with the arms out forward.As your lowering the bar to your chest,your elbows are close to your body and the bar is lowered to the bottom of the chest.Its extremely difficult because the material is getting tighter as you descend.When you finally touch and drive upward,its like a springboard off the chest.The material "snaps" back and helps with the push.Where in regular (Raw)benching your sticking point is usually off the chest,with a shirt its the lockout.The reason for this is that there is help at the bottm of the movement when the shirt is tight,but no help when your at the top.Kinda like hitting a brick wall.Thats why board presses are so important for shirted lifters.

    If you plan to compete in powerlifting or just want bigger numbers on your bench,then try it.But if your looking for size and raw strength,I see no point.
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