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Thread: George Halbert joins the AtLarge Team!!

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    George Halbert joins the AtLarge Team!!

    We're proud to announce George Halbert has joined the AtLarge Team!

    Known as quite possibly the greatest pound for pound bencher of all time, George is a living powerlifting legend. His results have been nothing less than fantastic with George having recently made a much anticipated comeback to the competition platform.

    Check out his profile page here - Powerlifter George Halbert

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    ****ing Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!


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    I have said it many times. George is nothing short of one of the BEST ambassadors of our sport. One of a handful of people I was nervous to meet in my life and someone I truly look up to.

    Semper Fi

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    george, im am glad to see you in the headlines !!!!! ever since mike first brought me to westside i have loved the sport off benching.. Guys like you who take the time to work with rookies and not just the pros. you have to be one of the most humble guys i know, and to a guy like you , more greatness is just around the corner!!!!!!! be strong my friend.....

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