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Thread: Why 1-2 gallons of water? Question...

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    Why 1-2 gallons of water? Question...

    I try to drink a Gallon of water a day, not really sure why...i was just told to do i dont ask questions.

    Sometimes...i cant get a whole gallon in, and will get a half a gallon, maybe 3 quarters...

    I mean...i guess i could suck it up and force myself to drink, but...i dunno.

    This is probably answered somwhere in this forum...sorry for not really searching...

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    .... who told u to drink all that damn water...? its fine drinking all that water, but not necessary.

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    I drink about 1.5-2 gallons a day. Everyone tells me it's not necessary but I have been supplementing creatine and if I don't drink a lot of water it hurts my kidneys. Other than saving my kidneys I haven't noticed any benefits for drinking all that water. It's also annoying as hell having to pee every ten minutes lol.

    The link is my journal. I am a 21 year old bodybuilder. Currently dieting down for my first show.

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    K thanks for all the resposnes guys...

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    low water + high protein = kidney stones; water speeds metabolism; working out, using creatine, and consuming food all require water; water is healthy for your skin.

    Your kidneys are thirsty...
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    water is the vital element to life..being an athlete requires the use of more water, higher protien intake requires more water intake, people in general are typically poorly hydrate. A good rule of thumb is to drink enough water that your urine has little odor and is mildly clear. Water in general helps the body operate and perform it's vital functions..hell ALL it's functions more efficiently.
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