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Thread: Strange hand pain..

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    Strange hand pain..

    My right hand has been bothering me the past few days. If I spread my index finger and middle finger away from eachother or away from the thumb, I get a fairly sharp, deep pain that goes down my hand towards the wrist. It hurts if I hold them in that position, but does not hurt once I let go. It also hurts if I bend them back AND to the right. I also have no pulling ability in these two fingers without pain (for instance, when I turned the shower on this morning I grabbed the 'fin' of the shower knob with those two fingers and tried to pull it towards me). I can carry things with them just fine (holding a 2.5 liter bottle of acetone with those two fingers causes no pain). There is no bruising or pooled blood anywhere, so I figured nothing was broken.

    The most likely cause was we were doing takedowns in BJJ and I was taken down during drilling and my hand was flat on the mat and the other kid landed his knee on it and sort of rolled his knee across my hand by accident from thumb to pinky. It hurt afterwards but was fine for the rest of class, but has been getting a bit worse since Monday. I thought maybe he just bruised the muscles in my hand or something and that they are just sore and healing, but I'm not so sure.
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    I think its just strained muscles in the hand. I get it all the time after playing sports involving hands like volleyball, basketball, baseball..etc. Even after hockey sometimes i'll get the same feeling.
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    This happened to me a few weeks ago during Judo. Kid had a massively over-sized gi on and my ring and index finger got caught in it on a throw. Felt fine until the next day. It got all swollen and blue and purple, thought it was broke but after a few days swelling went down and it was better. It still hurts a little bit every now and then, but other than that it's good to go.

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