I was playing around with the bands tonight on my light squats. I really don't do Dynamic Effort type workouts per say, I just do light workouts alternated with heavy ones. Anyway to get to the real point on all my sets I tried something that I had never tried before nor can I remember anyone talking anything about it and that is resisting or doing a slower(not super slow!)controlled negative while blasting up as hard as I could. This made it much more difficult than the way I have did the before by letting the band load me up pretty fast and getting a nice rebound out of the bands. Have any of you guys thats got alot of time in with the bands ever tried this? If so, was the outcome negative or positive? I know there is a bunch of quantam physics that goes along with the bands and all of it is of no interest to me. I just like to hear if anyone found this a go or no go. If noone has tried it I may give it a whirl a few weeks and see what comes of it.