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Thread: Check this please! :)

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    Check this please! :)

    Hey everyone! Just would like to say im new here and like it alot. Alot more than the bodybuilding forums, i was banned for "no reason" they say. Gets me mad, but thats an immature forum anyways.. But anywho! i have been putting together a new worktout!

    Point of workout: Get ready for my competition that is about 3 months away. Work on my conventional deadlift and strengthen my lower back and ham strings and core because they are weak. I have never really worked abs, lower back, or hammies before either! My maxes are (and were tested months ago) Bench: 315, deadlift: 410, and squat: 385. And i'm NOT wearing a belt for anything anymore. Tired of having to use a belt as a crutch!

    -Bench press
    -wide weighted pullups
    -military press
    -Some curl variation

    -Conventional Deadlifts
    -Good Mornings
    -Glute Ham Raises
    -BB Lunges

    -CG Bench Press
    -Bent-over Rows
    -DB Front/Rear Lateral Raise Superset

    -Full Squats
    -Stiff Leg Deadlifts
    -Glute Ham Raises
    -Calf Raises

    So how does it look?

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    looks pretty good to me
    Quote Originally Posted by RhodeHouse View Post
    Genetics is the weak man's excuse for why he sucks at life. Don't be that guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike42506 View Post
    looks pretty good to me
    thanks man, i put alot of thought into it.

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