Please help me shorten my routine and if possible also make it more effective as well. I love heavy compound lifts for size and power, however, my current routine takes me too long.

I exercise at home with a Weider Pro 9940-(2 station home gym with lat pulldown, leg press, leg extention, leg curl, ab station, high and low pulleys), a bench for bench press, 2 barbells, curling bar, 2 adjustable dumbbells.

My current routine is a Baby-Got-Back adaptation:

Flat Bench press 5x5
Incline dumbbell press 3x8
Lower Cable Rows 5x5
Bent-over rows 3x8
Calves (seated) 3x20
Abs: 3x10, weighted

Day 2/Tuesday
Full squats 5x5
Leg press 3x8
Leg curls 3x12
Seated alternating bicep curls 5x5
Hammer curls 3x8-12

Day 3/Wednesday

Day 4/Thursday
Chins 5x5
Lat Pulldown (varied grips) 3x8
Bent over side laterals (to warm up) 3x10
Military Press 5x5
Standing side laterals 3x8
Calves: (standing) 3x10
Abs: 3x10, weighted

Day 5/Friday
Deadlifts 5x5
Good mornings 3x8
Leg Extensions 3x15
Dips 5x5
Tate Tricep Press 5x5
Tricep cable pressdowns 3x8

Day 6 and 7/Saturday and Sunday