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Thread: Weider 9725 related questions/routine related questions

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    Weider 9725 related questions/routine related questions

    Hi all ,

    I'm a first time poster. A bit about myself: I'm 23 years old, avid athlete, and extremely motivated. I've taken it upon myself to be in as best shape possible for my own well being, as well as to help with my lack of confidence.

    This isn't a weighT loss forum, but I've cut down 14 LBS and more is needed before I feel comfortable. I'm overweight, but it's not really noticeable without me telling everyone

    I've had a weider 9725 downstairs for quite some time, and have dumb-bells etc. I'm interested in utilizing the machine as well as the dumb-bells to help my in my goal of having the best body possible.

    I've read lots of websites and it seems every single one of them gives conflicting answers as to what I should be doing

    I think I need opinions and help from regular joe's like me. I eat healthy, cardio a few times a week. Lately I haven't done as much cardio because of the heatwave, but I do what I can.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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