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Thread: Any current Intermittent Fasting user's in here?

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    Any current Intermittent Fasting user's in here?

    Hey guys/gals, I'm just wondering if there is anyone currently using this method with success? If so, do you have any pointers for a newbie? Well, a newbie to IF, not to lifting/diet.


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    I do a modified IF/ "warrior diet" for part of the week.

    I find that I do have a little more energy during the day on days that I do IF. I always workout on empty

    Then again, I'm not a power-lifter or bodybuilder and I'm not after mass, so take that with a grain of salt. For all purposes here, I'm a tall skinny guy (6'5", 205) and I'm looking to get even leaner.

    My pointer would be don't do a complete water fast. Eat some raw veggies, berries and/or nuts during the day, then have a larger meal later.

    A pure water fast during the day will make you ravenous come meal time and you may not be able to keep from going overboard. trust me on this. A quart of Hagan-Daz is not safe on my IF days!
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    HA HA HA, poor Hagan-Daz.. Normally I have an over eating problem, but I haven't felt the need to gorge on this, yet. If I do, I will surely take you up on the grazing during the day advice.

    I've been doing IF for the past couple of days and I was suprised by the amount of energy that I had all day. Actually, prior to, I was exhausted soon after my first meal. I guess it was no BS, but I am struggling to get in good quality food after my fast and then workout. It's hard to get in the amount cals/protein needed in that small window with that meals. Any suggestions?

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    I find that it's great for cutting, since come meal time, it is impossible to eat a meal that is very big.

    Get some caffeine.

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