Ok ok ok. Here's more detail.

First of all it was raining on the way there. Almost turned around and went home. Kept going. Got there @ 12:00 noon. Registered. Stopped raining @ 12:25 They started inside the gym for the first event. Bench Press for reps. Using their interesting equipment. Hands facing inwards. Bar welded in the middle so you can load plates on it. Us "old guys" got to do 100lbs. I got 27 reps. Ended up in 3rd place. Not too bad. My shoulder was hurting Big Time. Grrrrr. Next we went outside for the Truck Pull. No Keenan, it was not as Big as the one in Dunnville .LOL! Just a fully loaded Pick-up being pulled uphill on a slight incline. Got 1st place. Nice. Next was the Keg C & P for reps in 1 min. I got 15. Better than the 8 I got 2 weeks ago in the test day. Next was my Favourite event....FW with 122lb steel square plates. I got beat by 2 seconds. Damn. 2nd place. Oh well. Next was the KILLER for me. Iron Cross Hold. I have never grunted and groaned and dug sooo deep in my life before. And the pain in my shoulder was HUGE. . . . and I ended up in 4th. Crap. Next was the wheel barrow load and unload race. Custom made all steel wheelbarrow with a 25lb plate for the wheel. Talk about wobbly!! I got 2nd place being beat by the same guy by 5 seconds. Oh well, I had fun on that one. Last event was the Tug-Of-War between us "seniors" and lightweights against the Heavyweights. We won. 3 out of 3. Cool.

I'm still sore as I type this. ahahahahahahha

As for pics, unfortunately, my family couldn't come. So I asked the event photographer to e-mail me the day's pics when she gets a chance.

Hope that's enough detail. LOL!