just kinda wanted some opinions. im not a hard gainer. im 5'9" 170 lbs atm. my goal is to weight about 180 and be at around 8-9% body fat. my guess is that im at about 11% right now. I kinda have a beach body goal, not a dead lift the back end of a duely and walk with it goal. here is what I do:

chest/back day(random)
dumbbell flat bench OR barbell flat bench
4 sets 60 lbs to 45 lbs dumbbells, or 165 lbs to 155 lbs barbell. anywhere between 2-10 reps. 4 sets of cable crossovers and 4 sets of wide armed pullups. the first set without assistance and the rest with the help of the machine.

legs day
stairmaster for 5 mins to get my heart goin.
4 sets of squats 185-165 lbs
4 sets each of standing and sitting calf raises
4 sets of leg curls.. the first set maxing the machine.

arms/shoulders day
4 sets of weighted dips... +35lbs 8 reps or so each and dropping to a 25 if I cant do the 35
4 sets of barbell curls @ 65 lbs
tricep pulldowns with the rope.
medial and posterior delt flyes (I think is the correct terminology)

I go to the gym 2-3 times a week going in that order. let me know what you think.