The results are not what I expected, but I had an unbelievable time & learned from my mistakes!

Body weight: 218
1st attempt: 462
2nd attempt: 562(miss)
3rd attempt: 562(miss)

Well, I learned what probably caused me to miss my attempts. I competed 3 weeks earlier and I woke up @ 4:30 a.m. and drove 3 hours to the meet. I just didn't have the strength on the bp platform as I did 3 weeks earlier. So, I won't be doing meets so close together and no early morning drive to meets again

The great part of the meet is the whole helping & uplifting environment that I always enjoy being a part of. No hating, bashing or negative attacks as you see sometimes on line(training forums) The crowd and lifters cheering everybody on. Lifters helping and supporting each other. Lifters helping each other put on equipment. I helped back spot during the squat flight, load during the deadlift flight and load equipment in the trailer. It's great helping at a powerlifting meet. Also, the meet director provided free double cheese burger for the lifters.

So, I felt great during the 3 hour drive back home and looking forward to my next meet. I'm going to deload for the next 2 weeks and start back hitting it hard again.

Thank you Inzer, AtLarge Nutrition, BMF Sports, USP Labs and Adrenaline Gear for your great support