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Thread: Close grip bench... How close do you grip?

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    Close grip bench... How close do you grip?

    Looking at these two examples

    One uses shoulder-width grip, one uses a grip of about six inches apart, which do you use, and why? I tend to go closer then shoulder-width to really isolate the triceps and not bring the pecs too much into the lift.

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    i use one more like the first one. my middle finger is right on the line that divides the knurling from the smooth part. if i go closer my wrist go at a weird angle on the bottom

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    I touch my thumbs (sticking out) together on the middle knurling. A narrower grip isolates the tris more but not completely like a skull crusher attempts to do.
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    As narrow as you can until the awkward position begins to hurt your wrists.

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    shoulder width..typically for me it's pinkies on the rings. Most people close grip WAY too close creating bad wrist angles and causing your power to be sent in opposing diretions. a good gauge for most people is a thumbs distance from the smooth on most bars. You want your elbows to stay nice and tucked but stll have your wrists perfectly inline with your forearms.
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    I use about the same grip as I do for overhead pressing, which is a grip that allows my thumbs to touch the edge of my chest at the bottom.

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    Personally I dont do anything closer then pinkies on the rings. I know some feel differnent but I think going any closer then that puts a lof of un-need stress on the elbows and known a couple people that really blew out there elbows going in too far.

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    I've gone as close as index on the smooth part, thumb length from the smooth and pinkie on the ring and then competition grip which is index finger on the ring. Just depends on what the objective is for the given day. If I go close grip for any extended amount of time though (several weeks) it'll create some serious pec problems.

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    for my raw regular pressing my pinky is on the ring, when i do close grinps my index is on the edge just before the smooth, which translates to shoulder width, any narrower i put pressure on my wrists i dont like,
    when i try training in a shirt my middle fingers are on the ring or around there, still working on a grip that will work with it.

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    I use a shoulder-width grip. Any closer and my elbows start to hurt.

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