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Thread: crap, i think i screwed this all up!!!

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    crap, i think i screwed this all up!!!

    sorry for all the gvt posts, this will be the last one.

    here is the gvt workout for chest, the way poliquin notes it.

    A1- decline db press 10x10
    A2- pulllups 10x10
    B1-flyes 3x10
    B2-db rows 3x10

    what i did today was ten sets of db presses, 10 sets of pullups, and so that order.

    I was just reading a website for gvt, and it says that it should be done like this..a set of db press, then a set of pullups, a superset basically. I wasn't aware that you alternated exercises, i thought you did ten of one, then ten of the other.

    which way is right, am i supposed to alternate the exercises, and the same for the ones where i only perform three sets?

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    dude what is this gvt anyway? That's a really screwy ammount of it a shock training type method?

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    Yeah, I'm with accipiter....what the hell is gvt? Put up the article or the site where you got this workout that we can better understand the method and the use of it.
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    Heres an article on it.

    Also, do a search on GVT on the board, there is a couple threads on it. It is alot of volume, but I am only going to do it for three or four weeks. It's not a workout that you stick to.
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