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Thread: Working arms?

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    Working arms?

    I've been working arms at the end of my workouts(Tris after chest, bis after back). I recall a thread somewhere, couldn't find it in the search, where interesting point was made. It stated something about arms get enough work by doing deads, chins, close grip bench, dips etc. So what I'm asking here... I'm doing a modified Rippetoes workout, 4x a week split. Is doing direct arm work over working my arms?
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    I haven't had the chance to check into Rippetoes workout, yet, but in many instances, yes. I typically do 4-6 sets of tris and 4-6 sets of bis each week, that's it. Doing back work hits the bis quite hard and doing chest and shoulders hits the tris quite hard.
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    if you want, you could probably do a couple sets of curls after a back day. when people are saying you don't need to directly work arms, it's to people who always ask, "how's this routine?" and have a whole day devoted to curling in every way possible, not to people looking to add a couple of sets after a workout

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