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Thread: When to start Abs??

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    When to start Abs??

    I'm currently cutting right now and have gone from about 20% body fat down to 18% in 7 weeks. Most of my fat is in my gut/stomach, I weigh 163 and have a 33 inch waist (slight beer belly). I've read on here that it's basically pointless to do any ab workout until bodyfat % is low, otherwise I'd be wasting my time due to the fact that my ab muscles would still be hidden underneath all the fat. Is this true? At what point (body fat %) should I start to workout abs?


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    Start tomorrow. Even if you can't see your abs, their fitness is critical because it'll take a much longer time to see them if you've never worked them, and because your core strength is incomplete without an abdominal exercise.
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    IMO ab training is overrated. If you're doing the other compound lifts that you should be doing then it's not needed at all at any bodyfat level. I'm talking with strictly bodybuilding goals in mind.

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    you should work abs like any other muscle. heavy, 6-10 reps, 1-2 times per week. 52 weeks per year

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