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Thread: Obsession with cuts amongst younger lifters.

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    Obsession with cuts amongst younger lifters.

    I felt the need to bring this up.As I approach 35 yrs old,I tend to look back to when I was 16 and got really serious about training.Being big and strong was something I wanted from a very early age.I use to watch proffessional wrestling and think guys like Ivan Putski,Don Muraco,and Jimmy Snuka were the biggest guys in the world.When I started playing High School football,all I wanted to do was get bigger and stronger so I would be a better LB.Even when I started competing in bodybuilding,I loved everything about it but contest prep and dieting.Finally as a powerlifter I feel at home in my skin.Big and strong.

    What I dont get is the obsession young guys have with cuts,abdominal detail,or just low bodyfat in general.When your old is when you should worry about bodyfat and cholesterol,blood pressure.Not at 18 yrs old.So many guys are afraid to bulk up if it means getting a belly.Why?Are you in the gym 4-5 days a week to impress chicks?Every year as a trainer,I have a few kids who wants to put on size for football(I live in TN,where high school football is as serious as collge in some areas) ,but yet the first thing he says is"I want a six pack".I truly blame magazines like Flex,Mens Health,Muscle and Fitness,and television for this.Its the same with women,I know.But for a young guy who has levels of natural testosterone I wish I still had to not eat enough food for growth,or to do massive amounts of running to stay lean while trying to bulk,is rediculous to me.We are men.We are supposed to be big.

    And Im not directing this to certain types of athletes that require one to stay in a certain bodyfat range.Im talking about your average kid who claims he wants to "be huge".Whats the deal?
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