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Thread: Obsession with cuts amongst younger lifters.

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    so the bench, squat and deadlift are attributed to powerlifting.

    Well..thank you powerlifters for inventing those 3 lifts.

    C'mon, really?

    I tried powerlifting and ****ed up my left rotator cuff, right pec, right wrist and both knees. I'm 6' and was once at 280lbs. I've benched over 450, squatted damn near 600 and deadlifted over 600.. all raw. Not great numbers given my weight, but its still an accomplishment. Point is, it HURTS to move weight that heavy. Pure and simple. Now you critisize people for not wanting to powerlift. I'll take my bodybuilding pains anyday over not being able to walk for 3 days because my knees got too taxed on my squat workout.. or not being able to move my arm because the bench just jacked my pec up again.

    Now, tell me, when my goal is to see my abs, now I'm a girl? That's what you've got above..

    I still have a 380 bench 450 squat and 550 deadlift, I just choose to hit those numbers sparingly, instead of every week. I know, from experience, that my body responds THE BEST to the 6-8 rep range.. not the 1-3 rep range. Sure, I get stronger with the 1-3, but I GROW more in the 6-8 rep range. I'm not making that up, I can't understand how someone of your lifting experience and intelligence can say that a lifting a certain way doesn't matter when it clearly does.

    You say you must force a muscle to grow by overload. Fatigue IS overload!! I can bench 315, but I can also move 225 slow enough that it feels like 315 and get the same results.

    As a seasoned vet, I would have expected you to know that strength does not equal size and vice versa..
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