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Thread: Wrist pain?

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    Wrist pain?

    hey guys i was wondering, do any of you ever get sharp wrist pain when you bench? I am having a serious issue everytime i do chest day with my wrist between sets on the bench. Once i throw the weight up its fine but as soon as i let go of the bar my left wrist has a sharp pain and i cant move it for about 20 seconds and then it gradually goes away. It is getting worse the more weight i throw up. Has anyone ever had this problem?

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    I have had some similar problems but not as severe. I broke my wrists 3 times though maybe try some wraps? I can live without my metal wraps from APT. If the pain continues you might have bad form or maybe a hairline fracture; it's probably best that you see a doctor.

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    any numbness or tingling?

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    i used to have a sharp pain on my left hand while doing push ups. I just stopped doing it for a while and it healed up.

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    yeah I have that pain.....but only when I'm not taking my glucosamine. Every once in a while I will stop taking my glucosamine to see if maybe my joints (mainly wrists) can live without it. Everytime the answer is no, so I have to start taking it again. After about a week all my problems are solved. This has been going on for about 3 years.

    God bless glucosamine.
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    no there is no numbness or tingling just straight pain. I actually have some glucosamine i will try that out man i just gotta dig it out lol. We will see how it feels today. thanx

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