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Thread: Critique my DE Box Squat form (video attached)

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    Critique my DE Box Squat form (video attached)

    I recently began training with Westside template and done fair amount of reading but I am still uncertain about somethings. There is lots of advanced guys on this forum so I thought this would be perfect place to get some solid advice.

    (need 10 posts to post links here)

    Please click link in the signature on my 2nd post

    My max Squat is 455X2 (in belt + wraps)

    I was using EliteFTS article "Top 3 Dynamic Squat and Dynamic Bench Cycles" to set up my Band box squat wave.

    I based this on 455lbX1

    Training Cycle:

    * Week 1 47% for 8 sets 2 reps (215lb)
    * Week 2 51% for 8 sets 2 reps (235lb)
    * Week 3- 53% for 8 sets 2 reps (245lb)

    In the vid I recorded the last 4 sets of 8. I realize I am very slow off the box and I should go lighter because DE is about speed and how fast you move the bar.

    My questions are:

    1-How should I set up my wave % now? Should I go by feel on how fast I am accelerating and forget about %s for now?

    2-What am I doing wrong form wise? Any major form breaks? Just a basic critique and what to keep in mind when doing box squats.
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    Click the link in the signature for vid

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    Looked good to me.Nice little setup ya got there too.Make sure you use a higher box occasionally too.

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    No major form breaks, but I would recommend more speed.

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    More speed. DE is all about being fast!

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    Someone was saying "Yeah! Light weight baby!" right at the end of the video.
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    Don't rock so much on the box. Your box squat form should mimic your free squat. Also, arch harder when you're on the box and stay tighter. All in all, it looked pretty good, though. SPEED, SPEED, SPEED!

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    Appreciate all the feedback fellas! Will drop the weight and work on all the form corrections mentioned.

    I think I will bump it to 10X2 from 8X2 with lighter weight and get the form down pact and accelerate faster off the box before I mess with % waves. Will post a new vid after 3-4 DE Box Squat days.

    Thanks again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Szust View Post
    Someone was saying "Yeah! Light weight baby!" right at the end of the video.
    Pretty sure that was for the dude doing the Deads in back of me.

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    not bad at all! your stance is pretty wide and your feet are jacked out to the sides a lot for a raw hips wouldn't function the next day
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    your toes are also coming up when you are on the box. You have to keep tension on your feet and spread the floor with them. You did rock a little too much, but make sure you let those hips release before you arch off the box. The music is awesome for a commmercial gym too. Sounds like Detroit Barbell
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    Yeah, I think that overall it looks pretty good. Take the advice given.

    Oh, and post some more!

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    I edited your post and embedded your vid

    You just have to click on the youtube graphic on the toolbar when posting and put in the end portion 4ZELzJ5rty4
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