Log press- 210 x 1(was having a hard time locking out my surgery arm)
Medley-315 Farmers, 300ish keg, 800lb tire all 50 feet
Yoke-i worked up to 800 got it 25 ft
Rack pull(below knees)-755, 805 miss

Speed bench-135 8x3
Military press- 185x8, 225x6, 250x4, 275x2
Close grip-225x5
Lateral raises and side laterals-2sets
high rope pulls-2 sets
band pushdowns-2sets

Box Squats w/ ss bar(below parallel, just a belt)- 605x3
SS Good mornings-3x315x8
Glute hams-3x15
Leg ext-2x15
dumbell shrugs-30x100
Green band standing crunch-3x15
side bends-3x8

Bench w/ shirt-315x3, 365x3, 405x3

Did cardio 3times this week x 20mins