Hey all, (sorry for the long post)

Just read the thread posted by sandcracker21 regarding fast(er) weight loss. The PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) was mentioned but I couldn't find anything else on this site when searched. I Googled it and just about every article I found talked about how dangerous this type of diet can be if the proper nutrients are not taken in conjunction with the fast.

The very first article I read said to drink 4 protein shakes per day then eat a steak at night with spinich or salad w/lowfat dressing. It didn't address amount of calories, liver or kidney issues, high potential for dehydration, calcium depletion, etc.

Other articles were incredibly complicated with mathematical equations for % BF, grams carbs/pro/fat... I weigh 188 lbs and according to the calculations my daily protein requirement would be less than 90 grams???

Any veterans out there that can simplify and explain how to safely comply with this type of diet? i.e calories, protein per lbs of body weight. Amount of magnesium, calcium, potasium required... any other info?

I'm currently trying to bulk but I'd hate for someone to read the same article I did and hurt themselves by attempting a rapid weight loss with 4 shakes and a steak...