Hi all,

I posted some photo's and my goals earlier this week and after a few suggestions I decided to have a go at the UD2.0.
I have watched what I eat for some time, although have a real weak spot for chocolate, biscuits and cakes.... not ideal if you want a six pack!
I got the ebook and after reading through it (and checking others results via google) thought i'd put as much effort into that as I could.
I appealed because I am not a fan of ultra strict diets (although this is a bit of a beast there is a carb fast and load! so im happy) plus it is done in weekly cycles... nice!

Not had any real results yet but want to give a detailed description of what I got through day by day... (for the 1st week at least.. dont want to repeat myself lol) 1st weigh in will be on monday and will monitor there after every week for 6 - 8 depending on results.

Anyway I started on monday, reduced my carbs and counted calories and made sure i got all my protein from meat rather than shakes...
Day one I was just hungry... REALLY hungry! and absolutely shagged after the workout! so happy that all is going as described.
Tuesday (today) and I must admit how suprised I am about the effect the low carbs is having on me... totally blonde day!! just couldnt get my act together. I'm still hungry but have stopped bloating so can see a got effect right away! (i know not BF but hey... makes me feel better while being so hungry!)
I'm hoping tomorrow is going to be a little better, I'm getting the hang of getting rid of the hunger pains with better meal plans and lots of water!

Doing some cardio in the am, so will post on how i feel then... sooo looking forward to thurday pm and the loading phase... (although thats a **** lot of eating ha ha)