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    Introduction - Strongman Tom Mutaffis

    Am new to the board and wanted to introduce myself to everyone...

    My name is Tom Mutaffis and I'm a LW Strongman competitor who has recently partnered with AtLarge for my supplement program.

    Some background on me: I've been competing in the sport for two years now and have won six strongman contests including the 2007 National Championships in the 200 lbs weight class. Also did a raw powerlifting meet and broke a national record in the deadlift.

    My main focus here is to help contribute the knowledge that I have acquired to help everyone in their training and conditioning for strongman, powerlifting, and sports in general.

    Some of my recent gym lifts include: Standing Push Press 300 lbs x 5, 12" log clean and press each rep 270 lbs x 6, Power Clean 295 lbs x 6, Stone load 305 lbs to 57" for 3 and 375 lbs to 48" for a single, Deadlift 645 lbs x 1 from the floor and 750 lbs from 18", incline dumbells 145 lbs x 9 and 170 lbs x 3, Front Squat 405 lbs x 5, and back squat 385 lbs x 17 all done raw and at a bodyweight around 215 lbs.

    Once my post count is high enough I'll put some videos up here as well.

    I am currently preparing for the 2008 North American Strongman National Championships which will be September 13th and 14th in Utah, and am also putting together an article for everyone here at AtLarge on designing a strongman training program that incorporates gym lifts.

    Hopefully I can pick up some great knowledge from everyone here and also help you all to achieve you goals by sharing what I have learned so far.
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