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Thread: Sit-ups or Crunches?

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    Sit-ups or Crunches?

    What do you guys prefer? Please state reasons why.

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    crunches - work the lower abs and keep the abs ın a constantly tense posıtıon

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    Deadlifts and squats


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    Decline sit ups with 25lbs on chest. Squats and seated rows. When my body fat is low I get nice comments on my abs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ_H View Post
    crunches - work the lower abs and keep the abs ın a constantly tense posıtıon
    there is no such thing as a lower ab.
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    sit ups have alot of extra movement that doesnt target the abs. once your shoulder blades are higher than about 30 degrees off the ground you are mainly using your psoas muscles to finish the curling movement. do crunches and keep your abs as tight as you can the whole time......just my opinion
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    I do both. Crunches with body weight for 1 set as many reps as possible to warm up. Then I'll do sit ups with legs bent, feet locked into position, full ROM, with a dumbbell on my chest for 10-12 reps.

    I've heard that the crunch isolates the abs more efficiently. I suppose it's true. But I figure that the hip flexors need their share of work too. As long as I balance the workload between the abs, lower back, and hip flexors in my routine I'm assuming that I'll better resist injury on bigger lifts.

    I could be going about it all wrong, though. Curious to here other opinions on the matter.

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    Weighted ab work - helps build the core to be able to support heavy squats or deads.

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    If I had to choose between sit-ups or crunches, I'd probably go with ab pulldowns or hanging leg lifts.
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