I am 6ft 140 pounds (17yrs) and am looking to increase my muscle mass. I have very thin arms and legs but my chest, abs, and back seem to be to be strong compared to my friends. I have tried weight lifting in the past with no success but have learned it is probably because of my nutrition. Can someone help me construct a workout plan and diet?

My family has this machine:

(Not allowed to post pictures right now)

Adjustable dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a chin up bar.

For my diet I can't eat Gluten or Dairy and I don't want to include any processed foods. Also I don't think I need to take supplements but if you guys think it is necessary I will give it a try.

Also I was wondering if I need to eat more calories if I am going to be doing biking/swimming with my workouts or if I would eat the same amount of calories.