after reading this several times i realised i couldnt do the following exercises due to lack of equipment. my parents wont get me a gym membership, i have enough money to go for several months but they wont buy it unless i have enough for half a year...buying new equipment is also out cause i cant afford that either. dont even suggest it, my moms a stupid bitch and i already have gotten into several fights with my dad about how ridiculous my parents are. they dont buy me anything besides food.

whatever is in stars i dont have enough equipment for...

mondays routine

-bench press 3x65% for 3 sets
*****-skull crushers 2x10*****(bench press is a piece of ****, leg press on one side, which doesnt let me use it for skulls)

*****-tricep pushdowns 1x10*****

-squat 2x5 (can do these but no safety bars)

*****-lat pulldown (curl grip)*****

*****-calf raise 2x10 to failure*****

*****machine ab crunch 2x10 to failure*****

heres wednesdays routine

-bench press-2x75% for 3 sets

*****tricep pushdown-1x10*****

*****deadlift-2x3*****(i cannot go heavy enough for a 3rm, only 285 lbs in plates

-ab crunch-2x10, to failure

fridays routine

-bench press 2x85% for 2 sets

*****-dumbbell bench press 1x30 or more reps to failure*****(no dumbbells)

*****-skull crushers 2x8*****

*****tricep pushdowns 1x10*****

*****-leg press 2x6*****

*****-lat pulldown w/ curl grip 2x10*****

*****-calf raise 2x10 to failure*****

*****-ab crunch-2x10 to failure*****

ok i cant even do close to half of the routine without swapping the exercises for something else. if i did that the routine would most likely not do anything.

my current routine is bill starrs 5x5, i have been doing it for 6 weeks so far. missed bench weight on the 3rd week, ended up getting the 3rd weeks bench on the 5th week...missed the 4th weeks bench on my 6th week. all the misses are by 1 rep.

dont tell me that i can gain strength perfectly fine with a 300 lb olympic weight set and a ****ty marcy bench as easily as someone that actually has a pair of dumbbells to use.

quit my current job because i was working from 7am-4pm for less than 4$ an hour. wage was set and i had to go in early because of my bitch mom who didnt want to drive me in later. was supposed to work from 9am-3pm.

i spent about a half an hour making this post, if you dont have any advice please dont post or complain about me personally. act like im a new poster.