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Thread: A couple of lifting questions

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    A couple of lifting questions

    I've been doing the WBB 1.1 Routine for about a month now(just off and on though...I've been lifting more consistently the last couple of weeks) and I was wondering if I should do all 6 sets of a lift first, then go onto the next lift and do the 6 reps, then the next lift, etc., or should I do one set of one, then one of another and work it evenly accross the board vs. doing one lift all at once.

    A problem I've discovered while lifting is that I do not usually have the endurance to complete 6 sets of each lift. If I only complete 3-4 sets will that slow down improvement much more than doing all 6?

    Last but not least, I think tonight just was an off night lifting, but I was shooting a basketball for about 40 minutes before I started lifting, so I'm wondering if this had any impact in tonights decline in bench. Last time I benched I could lift 135x6 and tonight I could only do 135x5.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    You need to make sure you get enough rest on this routine, nothing at the weekend or on a wednesday.

    Regarding the 6 reps, i have been on this routine for the past 4 weeks, i have completed each set the way it says to complete but the first 4 weeks you do not go to maximum on each set, i am sure it says to do about 70-80% of 1 rep max, this way you are workijgn the musclkes but not burning them out, then the next 4 weeks i believe you do the same routine but less reps and sets but more weight.

    Hope this makes sence

    Personally i cant see the problem with doing 5 x 5 if you need to but i know a lot of people have said WBB1.1 is a good routine so i am sticking to the t.

    I look a bit of a fool doing the rope through the leg thrust!! on the same day as the step ups!! Not sure what it is called but i do get some funny looks!!

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    What about trying WBB 1 to begin with?
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