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Thread: caloric intake + whey question

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    caloric intake + whey question

    Hi all

    Simple question: if your aim is to build/define muscle but not gain body mass, do you still need to eat over the recommended daily intake of calories?

    I have whey milkshakes twice a day to boost protein but the woman in the shop said protein can be ineffective for a while if you're a newbie because your muscles don't know how best to use it. Is this true and, if so, what can you do? Just accept it won't help for a while and hope it kicks in eventually?

    Also, how much protein should you have if you're looking to build/define muscle? I'm currently on about double the recommended intake for a norma man (55 x 2 = 110) - enough or more needed?

    Thanks in advance

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    Sort of helping....

    The average strength trainer or person on these forums is taking in around 0.88 to 1.76 grams of protein per pound they weigh. As for the other questions I don't have a clue and would like to know the answer to the protein being ineffective question myself.
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    Wow, even taking your 0.88 ratio that's more than I'm currently on. Well I presume you don't just drink protein shakes all day - are there other supplements? Should point out that I'm veggie and don't eat so it's a bit of a battle for me. Is it just a case of having 2 shakes a day, and having as much milk, nuts and beans as poss? (too much milk = fat. aggghhhhh)

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