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Thread: Neck stiffness after lifting

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    Neck stiffness after lifting

    Hi, yesterday at about 5:40 PM I was using the incline version of this machine.

    I was doing a weight I was comfortable with, not trying to force anything. On the last rep of my last set, I extended my arms as far as I could forward to push the weight all the way out. I felt stiffness in my neck immediately after. After that I did this exercise and went home. My neck felt really stiff driving home but felt better as the night went on. When I woke up this morning however, it was stiff again. I can move it, but when I start turning it all the way to the right or left there is stiffness. It isn't extreme pain or anything, it's not something that is unbearable, it is just very stiff. It is only in my neck, not in my shoulders or arms.

    I thought it was a pinched nerve so I looked up symptoms online, and the symptoms seem much too extreme. What should I do? I was thinking about going to the doctor if it continues for a few more days, but in the meantime what can I do to fix it up? Thanks.

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    Did you get a viagra stuck in your throat......aaaahhhh, thankyouverymuch (Austin Powers, baby).

    It sounds like you had a vertabra in your neck pop out. It might work itself out in a few days. Doan's pills work well for back/neck pain, as do those patches. Personally, if you know a good chiro, I see him before I went to a regular doc. They'll just give you medicine to cover up the pain, a chiro (good one) can fix you in one visit.
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