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Thread: Straps (yes, again)

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    Straps (yes, again)

    I know this has been brought up often in the past but I don't think it has been thoroughly discussed.

    The only reason I can see a need to not use straps is if you are a powerlifter and need to train according to powerlifting rules (i.e. no straps), so thats understandable. However, assuming you're not a powerlifter and your grip is your weakest point in, say, deadlifts (as many people that I know claim is their weak point), is there any reason NOT to use straps? I mean, why should you hold your body back if it can handle more weight while you wait for your gripi strength to catch up?

    Say, for example, you can pull 400 pounds without straps, and 500 with them (obviously this would only happen if your grip is the weak point in your deadlifts). It seems like your legs, back, etc would be worked harder with 500 pounds than it would be with 400. Would there be any reason to NOT use straps in this situation (again, assuming you're not a powerlifter)? Would any of your reasoning be different for any other lifts (i.e. shrugs, pulldowns, rows, etc)?

    I guess my real question is, are there any safety concerns that may be associated with the use of straps (as may be evident with the use a lifting belt)? If you are going to use straps it would also make sense to work your grip directly with some static holds, etc that may not be necessary if you don't use straps.

    Just my opinion, just thought I'd throw that out there...
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