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Thread: Standard and Straigh Legg Deads???

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    Standard and Straigh Legg Deads???

    Ok... I just got through revamping my routine and added deads. I reasearched different moves on I decided to add two different deads. Straigh legged Deads on Leg day, and standard deads on back day.

    Does this make sense? Is this effective or is their too much cross work involved?


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    You can get away with it if you know what you're doing. Just be careful you don't overdo things.
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    I probably wouldn't recommend doing two types of deads in a routine unless you do them on the same day.

    You could do regular and stiff on leg day and do 2 sets of each.

    Doing two types of deads on separate days would mean you'd probably want a goodly amount of time in between those days unless you further complicate things and maybe have one week heavy stiffs and light regulars and then vice versa.
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    i do both deads and straight leg deads in my routine.. i do deads on monday and straight leg deads on weds.. i just dont do as heavy weights for the straight leg deads as i do for the deadlifts on monday.. but ive just started the workout, no bad signs yet.. but dont do more than 2 sets of each
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    I'm doing the same as Gohan (WBB Routine) and haven't noticed anything negative yet. But this is only the third week.


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