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Thread: Cervical herniated disc

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    Cervical herniated disc

    I think I may have a herniated disc at C5, C6. Not only is it because I have an ache in the side of my neck but because my left lat gets tingling sensation in it every so often (I looked it up, at these levels the nerves innervate that muscle).

    My question is, has anyone experienced this and seen a doctor? I have a feeling that they're not going to be able to do anything except surgery.... and I'm only 22.... so I'm not going to be having surgery. And I'm not even sure herniated discs are treated via surgery, I think it's very rare. Any thoughts?
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    Dude, it's your spine! Do you want to get surgery or be paralysed? It should be an easy decision.

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    if your spinal column is getting impinged (which the tingling suggests) you're probably going to need surgery. It usually starts with tingling and you start losing strength and sensation. Some folks are okay with therapy but if it gets bad and if you have a narrow spinal column you need a fusion. Ask Teufelhund about it...he had a spinal fusion. They make a 1 inch or so incision at the front of your neck and remove the disk...add mineralized bone, and a titanium plate that fuse the C5 and C6 together.
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    see a doctor

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    Go to the doctors asap and make sure theyre a specialist.Because my grandmother had a nerve pinched that caused her legs to be in massive amounts of pain and she has problems from it still over a year after surgery

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    Most patients do not need surgery! Initially, the doctor may recommend cold/heat therapy or medications. During the first 24 to 48 hours cold therapy helps to reduce swelling, muscle spasm and pain by reducing blood flow. After the first 48 hours, heat therapy can be applied. Heat increases blood flow to warm and relax soft tissues. Increased blood flow helps to flush away irritating toxins that may accumulate in tissues as a result of muscle spasm and disc injury. Never apply ice or heat directly to skin; instead, wrap the cold or heat source in a thick towel for no longer than 15-20 minutes.

    Medications may include an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, a muscle relaxant to calm spasm, and a pain-killer (narcotic) to alleviate intense but short-lived pain (acute pain). Mild to moderate pain may be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These work by relieving both swelling and pain. Discuss NSAID use with your physician first.

    The doctor may also recommend physical therapy. The doctor’s orders are transmitted to the physical therapist by prescription. Physical therapy includes a combination of non-surgical treatments to decrease pain and increase flexibility. Ice and heat therapy, gentle massage, stretching, and neck traction are some examples.

    In four to six weeks, the majority of patients find their symptoms are relieved without surgery! Be optimistic about your treatment plan and remember that less than 5% of back problems require surgery!

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    Stop lifting weights for good, there not important.
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