G'day. First post here, just got a few questions for you guys.

I recently got an Inzer Rage X (single ply), its the first time using gear (got hardcore suit as well) and am wondering how you guys train with it and what other exercises to do and how to incorporate them into my program.

I lift 3 times a week, compete with Powerlifting Australia (IPF) at 82.5kg and have been focussing on powerlifting for around a year now (sometimes have to drop training for periods due to army commitments).

Here is a basic overview of my program.

1) Deadlift/speed box squat (also work back and some shoulders)

2) Bench/speed DL (chest and bicep)

3) Squat/speed bench (tricep)

Abs, hypers every session.

I usually do flat bench and squat every week, but will alternate DL with sumo, conventional, snatch and goodmornings. Pull sumo for comp.

I usually use a 6-8 week cycle starting at 10-12 reps and move down to 1-3 quite quickly.

How do I incorporate board presses, etc and how often should I train in the shirt, how far out from competc??

Thanks, Nick.